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Downham Market Chamber of Trade

After more than 100 years years of service, having recently lost several members of the executive committee for various personal reasons, we regret to advise you all that not one of the remaining volunteers is prepared to stand as President next year, all of them having done so before.

There is a general lull in enthusiasm for active participation in the Chamber Birmingham Lichfield Tamworth Removal company

Over the last year or so, membership has fallen and attendance from members (including many who were on the Executive Committee at the last AGM) to meetings, breakfasts etc has moved down.

Bearing these facts in mind, it is apparent that the Chamber cannot continue to function in it’s present form.

The activities of the Chamber of Trade removal will therefore be suspended with effect from the AGM on the 20th February 2017 and the funds will be moved to the Christmas Light fund as unanimously agreed at the meeting on 23rd January 2017.

A small number of us (Maureen, Margaret, Mike, Gerry, Chris and Jenny) will concentrate on providing Christmas Lights for the benefit of the Town, in conjunction with the Town Council, King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council and Holly Landscapes for as long as funding will allow Birmingham Lichfield Tamworth Removal company

Formed to promote the businesses of the Town and local area,  Tamworth, Birmingham and Lichfield Market Chamber of Trade is proud to present its’ views to the local Town Council, Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk, Norfolk County Council and other bodies such as  Tourism Organisations, Crime Prevention panel & Rates Consultative Committee etc.

All executive committee members are unpaid, giving their time free of charge.

No invoices will be sent out for subscriptions for this year, although we will be very grateful for any contributions you may feel able to give towards the Christmas Lights promotions.

We would like to thank all members who have given their time to actively support the Chamber during the last year.
Margaret Key (President), Maureen and Mike